G & G Grills Parts & Accessories

Company history:

StraubelStone™ was introduced as the trade name for a specially formulated, fiber-reinforced concrete product used to enclose the StraubelStone line of quality barbecues, fire pits and matching pottery products. It evolved to represent a complete line of high quality barbecues and outdoor cooking systems. Jeff Straubel, founder and former CEO of Timberline Gas Logs, founded StraubelStone in 1995. After introducing the concept of "split" gas logs to the fireplace market and capturing more than 70% market share of gas fireplace logs in the early Nineties, Jeff wanted a new company venue to introduce a strong but lightweight concrete enclosure to barbecues around the world. For more than 30 years, concrete materials used to create StraubelStone™ have been utilized in building facades, artificial waterfalls, decorative "rockscapes" and other durable outdoor creations. 

After engineering specialized formulations, design development, and manufacturing investment, StraubelStone™ introduced assorted styles of durable, lightweight stone barbecue pedestals, fire pits and patio accessories. StraubelStone™ offers concrete strength, without the weight. Backed by a team of manufacturing and engineering professionals, Jeffs passion for "fire" quickly evolved into expertise making barbecue grills, and a desire to bring consumers affordable lines of high quality stainless steel and porcelain-coated grills. StraubelStone barbecue grills were sold and serviced through more than 260 retail dealers in the United States and Canada. StraubelStones vision was to offer customers a complete line of stylish and durable outdoor living products. The different product lines included barbecues (stainless and porcelain-coated steel) and fire pits. StraubelStone remained in business until August 2003, but due to financial problems the company was forced to close all facilities.

Why did you start your business? 

Our business was started in 2003 when the company, StraubelStone LLC had financial problems and the company was forced to close. Before the closing I worked for StraubelStone and had learned a lot about their products. The company sold a product that was far above most of the other Stainless Steel grills on the market and the quality, service and price was excellent. The company experienced financial problems which I believe were partly due to economy and marketing and just could not pull back fast enough for the creditors. We started our business just as a part time job and it was actually started out of our home. 

The BBQ grills sold under the StraubelStone LLC name are no longer manufactured but the high quality Grills that were marketed by StraubelStone are still being produced under different names today.  All parts are still being manufactured and sold throughout the United States and other countries.  

Today we buy all of our parts from the original suppliers that were once used by StaubelStone and we have increased our supply of grill parts from not only supplying parts for the StraubelStone grills but we have also ventured out and are now selling replacement parts for Grills such as Bull Products, FREEDOM Grills, and most leading BBQ Grills on the market today.  We enjoy working with customers and try our best to help out ALL customers. 

What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?

We are a small business and we have always valued our customers, we believe in personnel service to each customer. We are down to earth people who were raised to respect others and to treat every customer as we would want to be treated. Our goal has never been to gain lots of money by opening our business but to gain lots of friends through being honest, friendly and caring people. We enjoy talking with every customers and try to the best of our ability to be helpful and respectful to ALL. We pride ourself in knowing our products and servicing our customers. We try to keep our prices affordable for all as we do our best to work with each and every customer, on their grilling questions or needs.

What do you like most about your community? 

We are from a very small rural community that everyone knows their neighbors and everyone tries to be a good neighbor to all. Our community may be small in numbers but the hearts from this community are large....we all reach out to one another!